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International scientific and medical multidisciplinary forum: "From trauma to recovery"

The purpose of the Forum: to unite leading experts in medical and related fields to form an effective system of human recovery and create an innovative product.

On March 22, 2024, the HERITAGE UA Charitable Foundation in partnership with the National Scientific Medical Library of Ukraine held an international scientific and medical multidisciplinary forum: "From trauma to recovery".

The purpose of the Forum: to unite leading experts in the medical and related fields for the formation of an effective system of human recovery and the creation of an innovative product.

Those present supported Vyacheslav Zaporozhets, the founder and CEO of the Center for Complex Endoprosthetics, Osseointegration and Bionics, regarding the expediency of prosthetics for patients in Ukraine, rather than abroad, and the accumulation of resources and funds for the implementation of this task. Because of this, every second patient then needs reprosthetics. Also, the scaling of the workshops of the Center for Endoprosthetics, Osseointegration and Bionics and the selection, training and staffing of teams of qualified prosthetists on the basis of the workshops - in cooperation with the universities of the country, popularization of the profession of prosthetics and decent pay.

Oleksandr Zozulyak and Anton Ivantsiv - veterans who have bionic limbs and are active participants in the development of the Center for Complex Endoprosthetics, Osseointegration and Bionics emphasized the need to create centers for adaptation to normal life (even movement indoors and outdoors), creating new jobs for prosthetics people, as well as creating conditions for easy access to information for patients and their families about the recovery and adaptation of people.

Iryna Koval - an expert in medical engineering on the importance of using innovations and domestic technological developments in the design, construction/reconstruction, equipping of medical facilities with the aim of creating a modern and comfortable inclusive subject-spatial environment supported the boys in the implementation of innovative inclusive technologies that make daily life much more convenient the life of a restored person.

Oleg Khmilevskyi, a public figure, a member of the "Association of Entrepreneurs of Ato Veterans", a former military man, drew the attention of those present to his own sad experience of prosthetics abroad, namely, regarding the impure actions of a certain Ukrainian foundation, which was supposed to provide appropriate prosthetics for veterans in the USA. Thanks to the online inclusion of medical lawyer PH.D. Natalia Lisnevska (USA) and with the support of Tetiana Kravchenko, a member of the board of the "HERITAGE UA" Foundation, the founder of the legal campaign "Kravchenko and Partners", the situation is under control.

One of the important topics of the Forum was the discussion of amendments to the current laws and by-laws of the state regarding:

- increase to real marginal prices in prosthetics of various complexity;

- optimization of the prosthetics procedure and maximum awareness of people who need it;

- optimizing the acquisition of disability status and its reasonable confirmation;

Ivanna Velychko, a nutritionist-technologist and representative of the Foodicine company, which developed and implemented a healthy diet for the high-quality and comfortable recovery of patients in Ukrainian hospitals, noted the special importance of healthy food - a necessary component both during treatment and during rehabilitation. By the way, the company fruitfully cooperates with scientists and practitioners to improve this system and food infrastructure.

Natalie Maren - the founder and Chairman of the Board of the Charitable Foundation "HERITAGE UA" presented at the event the partnership project of "CHOVEN innovation" LLC and Farenyk Serhiy - the Ukrainian engineer-inventor - an innovative product for the recovery of patients of various degrees of severity "Second skin" and many other inventions of medical rehabilitation direction. Thanks to its initiatives, the Fund received support from the Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovation (UKRNOIVI), represented by its head Olena Orlova, who noted the importance of supporting Ukrainian inventors and scientists, protecting their copyright and creating conditions for the successful implementation of their achievements in Ukraine and beyond on the terms of reasonable cooperation.

Viktoriya Ladyka, an orthopedic traumatologist, associate professor of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the P.L. Shupyka and Volodymyr Kovalchuk - orthopedic traumatologist of P. L. Shupyk National Medical University of Ukraine, raised the issue of the need to create a multidisciplinary simulation center for young Ukrainian doctors, which will significantly improve their practical skills and qualifications.

A rehabilitator, a certified Nordic walking coach of the German Ski Association, a prize winner and winner of the stages of the Nordic Walking World Cup - Yuriy Koroteev - shared information about the author's patient recovery program, which is being developed in partnership with one of the Swiss clinics.

Valeria Oksametna (psychologist-consultant, clinical psychologist, volunteer, entrepreneur), as well as Yuliya Bashlakova and Tetyana Zhdanova - Founders of the NGO "Institute of Humanities" - presented programs for the psychological recovery of a person who has gone through a difficult path from trauma to recovery.

Thanks to the live networking of the Forum, various specialists in medical and related fields were able to find points of intersection to create products and conditions for a more fruitful human recovery.

Therefore, the launch of the appropriate platforms, which will allow to unite the efforts of all those who wish to join in the creation of a single effective system of human recovery and the creation of an innovative product, took place.


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