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The goal: creating favorable conditions for the work of people from scientific and related fields for the development of an innovative product made in Ukraine.

Mission: Ukraine is a country of intellectual potential. Ukrainian scientists and innovators are the leaders of innovation in the world.

Medical forum "From trauma to recovery"


The purpose of the forum: to unite leading specialists in medical and related fields to form an effective system of human recovery and create an innovative product.​

Mission: to make the Ukrainian medical industry a leader in innovation in the world.

More about how the "From trauma to recovery" forum was held

Scaling of the workshops of the Center for endoprosthetics, osseointegration and bionics

Hand prosthesis

Creation of workshops of the Center for endoprosthetics, osseointegration and bionics. Selection, training and staffing of teams of qualified prosthetists on the basis of workshops - in cooperation with universities of the country.

Popularization of the prosthetics profession and decent pay.

Providing easy access to information for patients and their families about the recovery and adaptation of people.​

The goal of the project: the development of a high-tech approach to human recovery after the loss of limbs, and as a result, Ukraine is a world leader in endoprosthetics, osseointegration and bionics.

Support program for scientists and inventors


As part of the SCIENCE program, we unite scientists and inventors who create the basis for the development of innovative products and technologies.

The mission of the project: creation of conditions and prospects for development for scientists on the territory of Ukraine.

For example: in cooperation with our partners, there is currently a unique product "SECOND SKIN" for rehabilitation after serious injuries and to achieve maximum results from your body: from complete muscle atrophy to recovery of mobility after a stroke, from rehabilitation of temporarily immobile patients to recovery slimness and elasticity of the body. This technology was developed by engineers from the space industry together with leading physiotherapists, geneticists and neurosurgeons.

International forum of SCIENCE in Ukraine

Audience Clapping

An annual forum that gathers representatives of science, business, intelligentsia to solve issues in the field of science and innovation in the fields of: medicine, engineering technologies, cyber security and IT, ecology, etc.

The purpose of the forum: Unification of business and science, informing in the spheres of science and Ukrainian innovative inventions in Ukraine and the world.

The task of the forum: to continue to replenish the list of inventions that have influenced the world with Ukrainian names by attracting investments from medium and large businesses to scientific startups.

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